The CA+IS for Leo Baeck

Jan 25, 2018 | Blog, News

In December 2017 we received our official designation as a Canadian Accredited Independent School (CA+IS), a stamp of approval that denotes our status among the top independent schools in our country.

We began our journey to accreditation in 2015, undertaking a rigorous process with several steps:

  1. We conducted a comprehensive and thorough internal examination of all aspects of our academic program, administration and operations across both campuses
  2. A Visiting Committee, comprised of educational leaders from across the country, gave us detailed feedback on our school
  3. We responded to and implemented all of the recommendations from the CAIS Visiting Committee’s report
  4. We received accreditation

The CAIS Visiting Committee commended our performance in a number of areas:

  • Thoughtful programming, faculty collaboration and a careful selection of resources that support the needs of all students
  • Investing the effort, time and resources to develop student leaders
  • Continuously researching the best practices in education and implementing new approaches and programs to address the ever-changing needs of students
  • Adopting and implementing the International Baccalaureate Programme to enhance educational objectives, reflection and critical thinking of our students and faculty
  • Our commitment to service and to numerous projects that promote global awareness and responsible action, surpassing the requirements of the IB Middle Years Programme
  • Offering a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional athletic opportunities
  • A well researched, updated Hebrew program and curriculum that includes professional development for all teachers involved
  • A Reform Jewish Rabbi who understands Jewish life and the Leo Baeck Jewish philosophy
  • Cultivating an atmosphere of professionalism and a positive school culture
  • Actively and positively engaging our community in school life – including parents, grandparents and alumni 
  • Clearly, concisely and consistently communicating our vision, mission, values and strategy to our community
  • Effectively managing our finances throughout our history
  • Ensuring the physical health and safety of our facilities and their suitability for the mission of the school


“CAIS accreditation has been an opportunity to further elevate the standard of education at our school. It ensures the level of depth and breadth to each and every unit that translates into a meaningful learning experience for the students.” 

– Gene Teeger, Leo Baeck Teacher

Similar to membership in the International Baccalaureate Programme, our CAIS membership serves as an external validation that proves that we’re doing what we say we’re doing.

Participation in CAIS also provides us with a window into a larger world of independent schools beyond the Jewish day school world. Through professional development opportunities with CAIS, we have access to resources, insights and innovations taking place at other independent schools.

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