Faculty and Staff

Staff Directory

The Leo Baeck Day School’s administration and faculty are committed to the values of professionalism, lifelong learning and nurturing community.

If you are interested in joining our team, please review our current position postings in the Careers section of the website.

Amar, Mrs. Risa North ramar@leobaeck.ca
Appel, Mrs. Marni South mappel@leobaeck.ca
Arenson, Ms. Jenna North jarenson@leobaeck.ca
Axmith, Mr. Lawrence South laxmith@leobaeck.ca
Bender, Mr. Desmond South dbender@leobaeck.ca
Binyamini, Mrs. Magi North mbinyamini@leobaeck.ca
Black, Ms. Nicole (on leave) South nblack@leobaeck.ca
Bonder, Mrs. Wendi North wbonder@leobaeck.ca
Budd, Mrs. Lindsay South lbudd@leobaeck.ca
Cohen, Mrs. Karen South kcohen@leobaeck.ca
Cohen, Ms. Sharon South scohen@leobaeck.ca
Cyna, Ms. Ilana South icyna@leobaeck.ca
Daigneault, Ms. Patricia South pdaigneaulth@leobaeck.ca
Dor, Mrs. Irit North idor@leobaeck.ca
Elster, Mrs. Suzy South selster@leobaeck.ca
Epstein, Ms. Naomi (on leave) South nepstein@leobaeck.ca
Feldman, Mrs. Simona South sfeldman@leobaeck.ca
Fossella, Mrs. Carlee North cfossella@leobaeck.ca
Fruitman, Mr. Sam North sfruitman@leobaeck.ca
Glaser, Mrs. Miriam South mglaser@leobaeck.ca
Godfrey, Madame Glenda North ggodfrey@leobaeck.ca
Goldenberg, Ms. Yulia South ygoldenberg@leobaeck.ca
Goodman, Mr. Michael South mgoodman@leobaeck.ca
Gordon, Mrs. Ashley South agordon@leobaeck.ca
Greenbaum, Mr. David North dgreenbaum@leobaeck.ca
Gremont, Mrs. Bonnie North bgremont@leobaeck.ca
Hafner, Mrs. Erin South ehafner@leobaeck.ca
Horwitz, Ms. Ellen South ehorwitz@leobaeck.ca
Hotter-Yshai, Mrs. Irit South ihotter-yshai@leobaeck.ca
Jacobs, Mrs. Stacey South sjacobs@leobaeck.ca
Janks, Ms. Margaux South mjanks@leobaeck.ca
Kaplan, Mrs. Michelle North mkaplan@leobaeck.ca
Kates, Mr. Marc South mkates@leobaeck.ca
Kimelman, Mrs. Jody South jkimelman@leobaeck.ca
Klugman, Mrs. Shelley South sklugman@leobaeck.ca
Kozloff, Ms. Kimberley South kkozloff@leobaeck.ca
Levin, Mrs. Melissa South mlevin@leobaeck.ca
Levy, Mr. Michael North mlevy@leobaeck.ca
Mamalider, Mrs. Leah South lmamalider@leobaeck.ca
Martosh, Mr. David North dmartosh@leobaeck.ca
Masters, Ms. Michelle South mmasters@leobaeck.ca
Mazer, Mrs. Mara North mmazer@leobaeck.ca
Meron, Ms. Shoshana South smeron@leobaeck.ca
Miller, Mrs. Leanda South lmiller@leobaeck.ca
Morris, Mrs. Doris (on leave) South dmorris@leobaeck.ca
Mudryk, Ms. Lauren North lmudryk@leobaeck.ca
Odes, Mr. Ryan South rodes@leobaeck.ca
Opert, Mrs. Ilana South iopert@leobaeck.ca
Opler, Mrs. Cindy South copler@leobaeck.ca
Otis, Judith (on leave) jotis@leobaeck.ca
Peters, Mr. Ryan North rpeters@leobaeck.ca
Platt, Mrs. Elaine South eplatt@leobaeck.ca
Polster, Mrs. Carolyn South cpolster@leobaeck.ca
Pullan, Ms. Yael South ypullan@leobaeck.ca
Rosen, Mrs. Irith North irosen@leobaeck.ca
Rosenberg, Ms. Amy South arosenberg@leobaeck.ca
Rosenthal, Mrs. Ashleigh South arosenthal@leobaeck.ca
Sadowski, Ms. Joanna South jsadowski@leobaeck.ca
Sagalov, Mrs. Alla Both asagalov@leobaeck.ca
Saks, Ms. Jaclyn South jsaks@leobaeck.ca
Sarcevic, Mr. Zlatko North zsarcevic@leobaeck.ca
Schelberg, Ms. Carly South cshelberg@leobaeck.ca
Segal, Ms. Brooke North bsegal@leobaeck.ca
Shaft, Mrs. Tali North tshaft@leobaeck.ca
Sobel, Ms. Jenna South jsobel@leobaeck.ca
Solomon, Mrs. Randi North rsolomon@leobaeck.ca
Tabacznik, Ms. Tovah South ttabacznik@leobaeck.ca
Tabak, Mrs. Alina North atabak@leobaeck.ca
Teeger, Mrs. Gene South gteeger@leobaeck.ca
Toste, Mrs. Miriam South mtoste@leobaeck.ca
Vidal, Mrs. Naomi South nvidal@leobaeck.ca
Walderman, Mrs. Ilana South iwalderman@leobaeck.ca
Wortzman, Ms. Ricki North rwortzman@leobaeck.ca
Zacks, Mrs. Shari North szacks@leobaeck.ca
Zatzman, Mrs. Sara South szatzman@leobaeck.ca
Zilbert, Ms. Leah South lzilbert@leobaeck.ca
Ziskind, Mrs. Michal North mziskind@leobaeck.ca
Abramsohn, Mrs. Linda Both labramsohn@leobaeck.ca
Anklewicz, Mr. Adam Both aanklewicz@leobaeck.ca
Applebaum, Mrs. Danielle South dapplebaum@leobaeck.ca
Ash, Mr. Russell Both russellash@leobaeck.ca
Blufarb, Mrs. Dana Both dblufarb@leobaeck.ca
Blum, Ms. Jody North jblum@leobaeck.ca
Brodkin, Mr. Elliott Both ebrodkin@leobaeck.ca
Buczek, Mr. Daniel Both dbuczek@leobaeck.ca
Burke, Mrs. Yvette North yburke@leobaeck.ca
Chester, Mrs. Rochelle Both rchester@leobaeck.ca
Doody-Collins, Mrs. Mary South mdoodycollins@leobaeck.ca
Epstein-Franks, Ms. Deborah South depsteinfranks@leobaeck.ca
Flotner, Mrs. Claire Both cflotner@leobaeck.ca
Cohn, Mrs. Sandra Both scohn@leobaeck.ca
Gitter, Mrs. Bev South bgitter@leobaeck.ca
Glaser, Ms. Iris Both iglaser@leobaeck.ca
Goldsweig, Mr. Seth South sgoldsweig@leobaeck.ca
Greenberg, Ms. Cheryl North cgreenberg@leobaeck.ca
Hartman, Mrs. Dorothy North dhartman@leobaeck.ca
Katz, Rabbi Noam Both nkatz@leobaeck.ca
Kleiman, Mrs. Emma South ekleiman@leobaeck.ca
Kohn, Mrs. Melanie North mkohn@leobaeck.ca
Lubek, Ms. Adina South alubek@leobaeck.ca
Pasternak, Mrs. Kim South kpasternak@leobaeck.ca
Petersiel, Mr. Eric Both epetersiel@leobaeck.ca
Prazoff, Mrs. Janice Both jprazoff@leobaeck.ca
Rosenbloom, Mrs. Louise South lrosenbloom@leobaeck.ca
Solomon, Mrs. Cayla North csolomon@leobaeck.ca
Sosnowicz, Ms. Rosie Both rsosnowicz@leobaeck.ca