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Full Day JK-8: $15,125



Building Fund Levy: The building fund levy is calculated as half of the student’s initial tuition upon entry at The Leo Baeck Day School into Senior Kindergarten (or any higher grade), payable over five years. A 25% credit is offered to parents who choose to pay their full five year commitment in one initial payment. This credit is offered only in the first year that the levy is applicable. Regardless of payment plan, the levy is 100% tax receiptable in the year(s) it is paid.

Non Affiliation: The Board of Directors of The Leo Baeck Day School recognizes the importance of synagogue affiliation in the life of the Jewish family. Families who choose not to affiliate are required to pay a tuition surcharge of $1,000 per child per year. We understand the financial burden that synagogue membership may entail; the non-affiliation surcharge is allocated to the School’s tuition assistance program. The Board has defined a synagogue as “an organization which provides the opportunity for regular worship and a venue for life cycle events, facilitating participation in Jewish spiritual and communal life.” It is ultimately the responsibility of the family to provide proof of synagogue affiliation. 

Trips and Special Events: $70 per child (all grades). This fee includes the cost of transportation and other associated costs for special outings for the entire school year.

Parents’ Association Dues: $18 per family. These dues will be remitted to the Parents’ Association for its use to augment the educational experience of our children through special programs and purchases.

Family Surcharge: $50 per family (grades 1-8). If you have children attending any other Jewish Day School in Toronto which has a similar family surcharge, please prorate the $50 amongst the schools.


There are three methods of payment:
1. Three (3) post-dated cheques, dated July 1, September 1 and November 1, 2016.

2. Three (3) equal deducations through out pre-authorized payment plan. Theses deductions will be made on July 1, September 1 and November 1, 2016.

3. Ten (10) equal deductions through our pre-authorized payment plan. These deductions will be made on the first of each month commencing with July 1, 2016 ending April 1, 2017 and will include a monthly charge of $22.50 per full-day student and $13.25 per half day student for handling, lost interest and income and banking charges. 

Please note that agreements received after May 2, 2016 will be charged a $100 late filing fee. 



The school makes commitments based on enrolment and these commitments cannot be altered due to withdrawals of students. It is the policy of The Leo Baeck Day School that where a student is unilaterally absent or withdrawn from the school at any point following the due date for the first tuition payment, which is July 1st, tuition payments may be refundable on a monthly pro-rated basis. However, all deposits and other fees are non-refundable. In addition, a fee of $500 per child will be retained by the school as a processing fee. As an educational institution, the school reserves the discretionary right to require the withdrawal of any student at any time; in such cases unused tuition will be refunded, but all other fees are non-refundable.


It is the policy of the Board of Directors of The Leo Baeck Day School that family accounts be kept current. The administration, with the guidance of the Finance and Audit Committee, has a responsibility to ensure that this policy is carried out. The Board of Directors has approved the schedule of tuition and fee payments as set in the Tuition Agreement.

Please note the following collection policies:

  1. There is a $25 service charge for the return of any bank or pre-authorized cheque as “non-collectible.” If you change banks or close your account, please make alternative arrangements with the school to avoid this charge.
  2. All outstanding amounts will bear interest of 1.5% per month.
  3. Monthly payments must be in good standing by December 1, 2016 in order to retain the student’s place. Monthly payments must be in good standing by April 1, 2017 in order to retain the student’s place for the next school year.