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The North Campus of The Leo Baeck Day School, located in Thornhill, is a vibrant and unique N-8 educational experience that integrates the values and concepts of Reform Judaism with the global perspective of the IB program.

Yvette Burke 2014We are excited for the 5775 school year and anticipate many innovative and meaningful learning experiences, which will promote student achievement and success.

Our mission to provide academic excellence in a nurturing community is always at the forefront of all we do as a school. The ultimate goal of ‘Academic Excellence’ begins in our classrooms where assessment for learning is practiced. Our students are encouraged to be more active in their own learning and assessment.  Our aim is to create self-regulated learners who can confidently learn throughout their lives. Teachers determine where students are at the onset of a unit of study and then continually guide students with what they are expected to learn and what quality work looks like. This feedback allows teachers and students to work together to assess students’ knowledge and establish what they need to improve, consolidate and extend their learning.

This year we will continue to focus on Numeracy, in particular designing achievement charts and using our newly acquired comprehensive assessment tools and resources. The goal is for students to be well prepared for assessments and understand expectations of rubrics as they pertain to assignments across the curriculum in all four categories: Knowledge and Understanding, Communication, Thinking and Application.

Students will benefit from the shift of exploring two Social Studies Units during Language Arts, allowing more time for additional instructional time in Math and Science. Computers will be integrated during that time to further enhance technology skills for Grade 1-3 students.

In Grades 4 and 5 we will be introducing a new French program: The Échos Pro and Échos series, which work together to develop literacy learning, oral proficiency and maximizes student engagement in the French language classroom.

At the Middle School level, our scheduled earlier start to the day at 8:00 a.m. (8:15 a.m. class begins) will permit us increased time in Math, Design and Technology, the Arts and Physical Education. We are pleased to let you know that new this year, Robotics will be introduced as an innovation in the MYP Design and Technology course.

We are also very excited to introduce a unique, creative Hebrew Language program in Middle School. Our teachers received extensive training this summer and are eager to begin the implementation of the NETA-CET program, which provides a sequential language curriculum with challenging and relevant content.  The use of interactive activities for exercise and practice facilitates each individual student’s progress. As well, we will continue implementing our Israel Throughout the Year curriculum in all grades.

Literacy instruction is embedded into all subject areas and our staff work collaboratively to deliver effective instructional and assessment practices, while ensuring a differentiated focus to address the learning needs of each student. As well, we continue to further develop students’ social, emotional and leadership skills, which enhance respectful citizenship and promote positive relationships. The Respectful School Initiative Committee, composed of teachers and parents, will continue to shape student led leadership activities to foster inclusion, team building and respectful partnerships. Specifically our goal is to further develop the Home Room curriculum and incorporate Approaches to Learning skills. Parent education will be offered as part of this ongoing important initiative.

I am honoured to be the Principal of our effervescent school I have loved for over 28 years, as we continue to inspire our students from the foundation of our joyful Preschool to Grade 8 Graduation!

Our senior educational administrative staff includes:

Dorothy Hartman, Vice Principal
Jody Blum, Dean of Academic Development
Bev Gitter, Dean of Student Services
Rabbi Noam Katz, Dean of Jewish Living
Revalyn Faba Sack, MYP Coordinator
Bonnie Gremont, Preschool Coordinator
Irith Rosen, Hebrew and Judaic Studies Coordinator

We invite you to visit the North Campus to discover the many varied and exciting programs offered at Leo Baeck.

Yvette Burke, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.
North Campus Principal