Student Services


At The Leo Baeck Day School, we recognize that all students learn in different ways. We strive to make learning inclusive for all types of learners and promote each individual’s pursuit of academic achievement.

Our Student Services team works hard to provide academic support in all areas for students who require additional resources beyond the classroom. The team works with a variety of paraprofessionals including psychologists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.


Student Services include:


  • In both general and Hebrew studies
  • Within a small group setting or directly in the classroom
  • Additional individual one on one remediation is through the Bonim Program


  • Is provided directly within the classroom in a specific subject area in conjunction with themes addressed in the curriculum through differentiated instruction
  • A student services teacher enrichment expert supports classroom initiatives through direct planning with the general studies teachers


“My child was having self-esteem issues because she was having difficulty keeping up with reading and writing. With the support of Student Services, she has almost completely caught up within a few short months. Her newfound confidence has spilled into so many other dimensions of her life.”
– Leo Baeck parent

Home Room Support (JK to Grade 5)

  • Curriculum related to attitudes and behaviour is discussed
  • Discussions and predetermined activities are structured to promote inclusion of all children and to facilitate positive social skills
  • Derech Eretz, problem solving and conflict resolution strategies
  • Organizational, study and building self esteem skills are taught

Advisor Time / Guidance (Grades 6 to 8)

  • Communication and listening skills
  • Relationship building through group experiences
  • Study and organizational skills
  • Goal setting and preparing students for Middle and High School
  • Critical thinking through problem solving and discussion
  • Tzedakah and student council activities
  • Partnership with communities in Israel
  • Understanding good citizenship
  • Peer mentoring
  • Opportunities for meaningful contributions to school and the community at every grade level
  • Individual and personal growth through our “CARE” program (see below)

Mental Health and Wellness through our “CARE” Program

Our CARE program addresses the needs of the whole child with a focus on social, emotional and mindfulness skills aimed at building resilience, gratitude and empathy. 

C  Self-Compassion
A  Self-Acceptance
R  Resilience
E  Empathy

We promote these principles in our school through a combination of teacher training, professional development, parent workshops, student counselling, as well as school-wide activities. These values are integrated into the fabric of our curriculum and speak to our commitment to character development.

Jewish Family & Child

  • Psychoeducational consultation is available
  • “Family Life Education Program” in Grades 6 to 8, including substance use and sex education

Community Care Access Centre

  • Health care services in speech pathology and occupational therapy etc. within the school setting can be arranged